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Get a 30-day trial license now and experience traveling with Mobile Geo

You can now download the Mobile Geo's maps directly from Sendero Group's website which makes it much easier to get a 30-day trial version of Mobile Geo.

  • First you need to have a full or trial version of either Mobile Speak Smartphone or Mobile Speak Pocket installed in your compatible device. To learn how to install Mobile Speak Pocket click here. To learn how to install Mobile Speak Smartphone click here.

  • Second, download, install and activate Mobile Geo. To download Mobile Geo follow the wizard (mark the Mobile Tools check box) or go directly to To learn how to install Mobile Geo, click here, and here to activate the software.

  • Third, download and install Mobile Geo maps. Go to, using the username "mgdemo" and the password "codefactory". Once you have logged in, you can select the map (or maps) you wish to use and download them. Download the map file, uncompress it and copy the contents to the "\maps" folder of the memory card (this default folder can be customized in settings). The trial maps will automatically activate themselves. Note that thanks to this new process, you can test any maps that you want and without any restrictions.

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